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Dr. phil. Albrecht Kaiser M. Sc. (USA) DO®

Dr. phil. Albrecht Kaiser M. Sc. (USA) DO®

2012–2017 Doctorate at the Fakultät für Philosophie/Kulturreflexion (Prof. Dr. M. Kettner) in Witten/Herdecke, thesis:The reality of osteopathy. Phenomenological and pragmatic roots of a complementary medical healing method. A redefinition for the 21st century.

2006–2010 Master course in Health Science. Master of Science in Osteopathic Clinical Research an der A. T. Still University Kirksville, MO (USA), master thesis: Development of a Study Protocol on the Osteopathic Treatment of Late Whiplash Syndrom

2000–2003 D.O. ®  at the AFO: Study on the osteopathic treatment of the residual forms of whiplash. Controlled clinical intervention study in waiting list design

1990–1996 Study of Osteopathy at College Sutherland Schlangenbad

1987– 1998 Teaching therapist in manual medicine at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Manuelle Medizin (DGMM)

1988–1998 Continuing education teaching qualification in physiotherapy at the Senat für Gesundheit und Soziales in Berlin

1983–1987 Continuing education as manual therapist in Hamm

1980–1983 Education as physiotherapist in Berlin

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